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Haley, Sarah, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Hall, Eric, Elon University
Halseth, Madeline A, University of Denver
Harbor, Jonathan M., Purdue University
Hardy, Jane, Wabash College
Hart, D Alexis, Allegheny College
Hart, D. Alexis, <span id="docs-internal-guid-4dd0200e-7fff-fcce-e513-baa616489950"><span>Allegheny College</span></span>
Hart, D. Alexis, Allegheny College
Hart, Hannah Kathryn, Allegheny College Writing Center
Hausladen, Kate, Marquette University
Haynes, Cliff, University of Florida
Haynes, Cliff, University of Florida (United States)
Heymans, Yolande, Centre for Health Professions Education, Faculty of Health Sciences, North-West University, South-Africa
Hill, Jennifer, University of Gloucestershire
Hill, Jennifer, <p>University of Gloucestershire</p> <p> </p>
Holgate, Horane, Purdue University
Holmes, Ashley J., Georgia State University
Htoon, Sonia M, University of California - Santa Barbara
Hurtado, Sarah, University of Denver

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